Management of Contracts

An Effective Management of Contracts, Purchase Requisitions and Invoices in Workday Procurement

Workday Procurement, an innovative solution integrated with Workday Financial Management, allows organizations to streamline the procurement process from its inception through completion. Contract, purchase requisitions and invoice management will all be addressed here in this blog article.

Contract Management

A procurement process cannot function effectively without proper contract management - setting forth parameters and conditions for purchasing products and services. Workday Procurement's all-encompassing contract management solution makes managing contracts simple for organizations by:
Maintain all contracts in an easily accessible place Establish service level agreements (SLAs), payment schedules and price information as part of a contract's terms and conditions, using established procedures or rules for automatic routing to approval processes.
Renew contracts automatically when their terms expire; consolidate information from contracts with purchase orders, invoices and other purchasing paperwork;
Organizations may experience cost savings, risk mitigation and policy and regulatory compliance benefits via effective contract administration.


Paperwork Required when Acquiring Items

Employees typically begin the purchasing process by submitting formal requests, known as purchase requisitions, through Workday Procurement's user-friendly buy request system. With Workday Procurement's buy request process in mind, workers have easy access to: Upload relevant documents (purchase orders, contracts and specifications) into an online portal and submit buy requisitions for approval using predefined rules and processes to expedite approval processes for buy requisitions. Stay informed as your requests make their way through the system and receive updates regarding approval or denial decisions. Organizations can boost productivity, eliminate mistakes, and ensure purchases are properly approved and recorded by simplifying their purchase requisition processes.

Oversight of Invoices

Overseeing invoices involves receiving, reviewing, and then paying vendor bills. Organizations may utilize Workday Procurement's powerful invoice management solution in order to efficiently:

  1. Acknowledging and reconciling bills with purchase orders and other procurement documents
  2. Leveraging established rules and processes to automatically send invoices for approval mes Recognize and correct mistakes such as incorrect prices or shipping addresses.
  3. Automatically generate invoices that need approval
  4. And use predictive modeling technology to automatically send them
  5. Remove paper checks and tedious processing by electronically approving and paying invoices.



Workday Procurement offers organizations an efficient solution for handling their entire procurement process - contracts, buy requisitions and invoices alike - through automation. By streamlining procurement activities such as automating them and simplifying them for everyday employees to use submitting purchase requests quickly. Everybody from financial experts to procurement specialists to regular employees looking for purchase requests will find what they're searching for at Workday Procurement.

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